Monday, August 18, 2008

Online Storage

This is a list of websites that are well formatted for the kindle and are useful to someone on the go.

First off, the bookmark system that the kindle uses is not reliable. If you every reach a page that freezes, you loose half of the saved bookmarks. This has happened to me three times. Therefore, the best way I've found is to store the bookmarks is using a online "personal start page". The site I use is protopage (, which allows you to set up a news/rss, email, todo, and bookmarks page. There is also a global search and note page that I don't use, but may be useful to some people. Here are the links to the pages (replace username with your own protopage username.



News: http://www.protopage


To screenshots above are all in text size 4. I hope soon the site will allow the user to set the font size.

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